How long is the service?

We strive to respect your time. Our services begin at 10:30 am and end around 11:30.

What is the service like?

Our normal service consists of singing traditional hymns from the Baptist hymnal, a time of prayer, and a text-driven sermon, followed by a time of response to the message. We are blessed occasionally with special music from members and guests.

How do people normally dress?

We are a country church and most people's style of dress reflects it. You are likely to see blue jeans and boots from men and women alike. Many of our ladies prefer to wear dresses to morning services. Our pastor is normally one of few men wearing a tie or jacket.

What about kids?

We believe children are a part of the church. We do not separate them out during the service, but normally provide a children's sermon during the service for them. During this time, we provide them an activity sheet with a fill-in-the-blank notes outline of the sermon and a word search from the biblical text.

We provide a nursery for younger children, but encourage families to come to the service to worship together. The nursery is located near the sanctuary. All nursery workers are required to pass a background check.